10 August 2016

Macnuts Again

Somewhere between the ants’ intransigence, our 
JRT’s polarised view and lunatic Cockatoos is an 
answer; it is early in the macadamia nut season - 
meaning sulphur-crested cockatoos believe its in 
their best interests to make a statement; which’s 
done by tearing green nuts off th’ trees, gnawing 
husks off, yeah - hard to imagine birds gnawing - 
but these beasts’ve adapted their hooked beaks 

and practically nothing is safe; occasionally they 
break into a shell - get to eat its contents, a ratio 
of maybe 10 to 1 - not that they care - raucously 
swearing at each other, sharing bawdy jokes - & 
scattering in shrieking swarms for taller trees; to 
their infamous ‘porky-pie’ sessions I’m informed 

their debris remains beneath Mac trees & feeds 
millions of ants - or so they claim - ever seen an 
ant with a nutcracker - but its evidence pertains 
to either a source nutrition or legendary fictional 
fantasies completed by our gathering what’s left 
for storing upon the back patio table to dry, and

where our JRT expresses a gastronomical bent, 
asserting ideas about cracking and extracting a 
kernel & presenting it in the manner befitting an 
obvious epicure - while ants teem silently out of 
cracks to persistently pester whatever isn’t yet 
digested, just as if it wasn’t ever a feeble fable 
© 10 February 2016, I. D. Carswell