25 August 2016


Not an exciting occurrence - but then it was always 
on the hoof; in this iteration we’re seeing what’s an 
undeniably under-proofed version of whatever has 
tried to pass as common sense - it’s got me totally 
flummoxed; whereas we think its definition’s rightly 
unchallengeable we’re also being naive whence it 
came; essentially it is out of a blue we have yet to 
actually acknowledge we knew even existed; and, 

I swear I am not into playing ball with what’s faulty 
design - there’s too many loose parameters; mind 
you the history of anything to do with the Web is a 
mine of innuendo and inference; so I bide my time 
as the most sensible argument I can express; and 
if there’s better defence I’ve yet to confide with it 
© 22 March 2016, I. D. Carswell

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