24 August 2016

It Was A Day

It was a day with extremes - some of them quite 
seemly, although those CNN sprayed by in their 
Trump-bashing-spree suggested this wasn’t my 
bag; so Podge and me go walking; we’re aware 
the hill paddock isn’t empty - fresh cow pats are 
a give-away & Her Grace already demanded an 
apple at the hill gate - it’s a pleasant surprise to 
have our friends mooching on tall grass again 

But probably its greatest event happened in the 
shower where, while standing on a plastic chair 
dourly, me ol’ mate Podge gets shampooed; y’d 
never credit how well he projects the ‘righteous’ 
rectitude of indignity by not struggling or maybe 
cleverly disguising that he likes attention thus 

What became quite obvious post-shower was ‘is 
preference for hair-dryer treatment - rolling upon 
towels didn’t get the tick a hand-held dryer won 
extra quickly, and averted the usual frantic rush 
outdoors where he rolls wildly in anything just t’ 
disguise the shampoo scent he reckon’s wussy 

I say gratefully, mate, not smelling a usual you 
is a blessing we see offsetting your ‘rank’ habit 
of sleeping under my end of the bed … 
© 18 March 2016, I. D. Carswell