09 August 2016


Oddly, it wasn’t too difficult to diagnose the source 
of our uneasiness; - for sure where we live we can 
hear voices occasionally, yet no way they’re like a
ceaseless and unabating Shopping Mall roar 

What we are used to doesn’t approach it - but nor 
is it silence - usual atmosphere is an ambience of 
bird-calls with cattle prattle - & maybe a vehicle or 
two if things are on the road or going in paddocks; 

But there we were in the Food Hall - and although 
only a few inches apart - having to raise voices to 
be heard; to us, raised voice is a radical signature 
of discontent, unease, discomfort or distress 

Something to avoid at any rate - or prevent, if it’s 
possible, and we’re sitting in the midst of it; noise 
doesn’t mend a wavering sense of disequilibrium 
so we upped & fled - cherishing our freedom 
©11 February 2014, I. D. Carswell