20 September 2016

At Visit End

It’s hollow in the absence of their presence - an after 
-event diminution of rare hedonistic awareness - like 
a deflation of fondly remembered edifices shared, or 
dressed in cogency of restored memories - as if they 
were days of distinction we thought should remain in 
a dilated but benign state - well, there’s no escaping; 
the hiss and roar and clatter claims whatever sense 
is abased into obeisance as we ride the same train 

Always astounding how supreme your Family reigns, 
it bares whom you are; tho’ there’s no independence 
witnessing familial events, try it and see whose view 
colours the rainbow you all grew into; that’s the pale 
edge to reality, you didn’t miss ‘em until the day they 
weren’t there to complete the right spectrum again 
© 13 April 2016, I. D. Carswell

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