21 September 2016

NBN Megalopoly

The bewilderment hasn’t dissipated; altho it is less 
than in initial days, there is still a sense of unease, 
nothing’s been explained, well not technically and I 
contend that is the least owed, but to say who is at 
fault bends a key road dishonourably inequitable 

It would seem NBN answers to nobody - their focus 
is broadband satellite network management and its 
maintenance - scheme upgrading thereto takes lots 
of energy that customer relations would negate - so 
maybe it explains their quirky idiosyncrasies 

On the other hand our Provider makes every effort 
to keep the users loop well out of that NBN soup - 
not always successfully - yet we’ve felt they meant 
it as a compliment to whom we are; NBN’s claims 
to care prejudice wry views of equality as fairness 

So when our usage rate surged off the scale even 
when we weren’t satellite-connected to a network, 
we saw red; their glib explanation said servers off-
shore were unfortunately causing vagueness and 
phasing interruptions in last-user identity tracing 

Woe is me! But complaining raised the flag, so to 
speak, and things took a turn after a week of non 
-logon; now only proprietary usage seems logged 
if it explains anything - with rates inside allocation 
provided by this supposedly upgraded scheme 
© 17 April 2016, I. D. Carswell

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