19 September 2016


Playing hard to get with fate didn’t rate a mention 
in this random iteration of the game; we’re ahead 
a league or more where rules specify a score’s in 
concert with degrees of metric measurement and 
cultural indices we’ve yet to see as relevant; as it 
equates to someone else’s idea of a real contest, 
we played laissez faire in case there is a deal we 
share a benefit in by crossing their notional line 

Well, there’s no point in imagining why that didn’t 
come to pass, and very little wonder why we ask
just whose playing field this space was - “That is 
the anomaly” we’re told by its quaint vocalisation 
of cliched rhetoric - “you’re the loose geese who 
intangibly see such grandiloquence, opaquely.” 
© 14 April 2016, I. D. Carswell

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