04 September 2016

Booby Prize

I’m sorry mate, really - the booby prize isn’t 
something to get elated about & this bloody 
inept farce is all of your making; firstly, its a 
piss-weak one-liner claiming updates failed 
because I wasn’t seated at the desk - okay, 
I was cleaning th’ washing machine’s water 
inlet filter; sure, not any major surgery but it 
means the washing’ll be done a lot quicker 

Wish I could say the same for your quirking 
software updates - the least time it takes is, 
on average, two days; except there’s those 
unexplained restarts which retard progress, 
or return to square one without saying why; 
in the event it takes over a week - or fails 

So yeah, I’m hardly meek or contrite, more 
like an inchoate, frustrated bail defaulter, & 
that’s putting it mildly; now, tell me why I’ve 
been duped by seeing all but the last bytes 
uploaded then told - start over - it’s a clean 
slate and the last two days don’t exist!
© 29 March 2016, I. D. Carswell