05 September 2016


After being naive - or should I rephrase that as, 
wanting to believe, I’m freed of the impediment; 
I know now there is no way for original ideas to 
grow naturally into great, universally sustained 
suppositions without impurities; think on it a bit, 
so you were induced into a comforting sopor of 
indolence, produced by only seeing what you’d 
been given to want, and there wasn’t a chance 

You’re seeing more wood than trees, not that it 
isn’t solicitous, but all berry-less, - & it suggests 
grand larceny & deceit; so where’s th’ promised 
feast you complain; oh, its there, but not where 
at your end of th’ broadband conduit y’ bills are 
paid; because, that is, I might add, not the way 

The want was conceived; you are a user whose 
confidence of an industry grew with the need to 
be in - but missed it isn’t the same territory, and
game & we don’t play technically by those rules 
you’ve deceived yourself into believing; and no, 
they’re not impurities from our thinking … 
© 30 March 2016, I. D. Carswell