03 September 2016

Sub Nautical

Declaring you’re sub nautical suggests less 
than it conceals; we’re still of the sea, that’s 
a given, although some of us fascinate a lot 
more amenably to bouncing river ripplets as 
the tide turns, or is it the spray which seeks 
hidden homogeneity to land on; being wet’s 
a kind of kinship after all - and any breeze’s 
magnanimity benefits - one way or another 

But, here we’re bouncing rivulets of wake in 
an inflatable unable to safely plane, without 
the wisdom of council who’d ask - why’re y’
doing it that way - in puttering by a flotilla of 
moored pleasure craft all skilfully anchored 
to belief you are the compleat stranger 
© 26 March 2016, I. D. Carswell

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