18 September 2016


So damn me if I say I am the proud owner of a new 
pair of pyjamas made in Bangladesh; it is 8 pm and 
I’ve been wearing ‘em since my life’s love got back 
from shopping. And this isn’t ingratitude, they’re as 
classy a pair of jamas you find anywhere exclusive, 
perhaps a mite long in the leg, but that’s explicable 
as my legs are short. So there we were - both able 
to disport a hint of gratitude without obligatory lien, 

Gladness either of us is able to appreciate, making 
it seem like a Hall of Pleasure - and then - I start to 
think on it; there is this expectation of a return trip - 
while all the paraphernalia we’ve already gathered 
meets immediate needs an invasion of fresh ideas 
has seeded Her Eminence’s opus equilibrium 

We’ll be unbalanced until she shops there again 
© 3 April 2016, I. D. Carswell

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