09 October 2016

A Day In Heaven

Not often I get a day in Heaven, not since the last 
World Rugby Cup anyway but this May day’s one 
ripper Sunday; there were four games from Super 
Rugby to begin the trek and then a replay of Paris 
7’s Day one, no complaints there; - so we sat thru 
the residue of Round 12, caught up on who’s who 
and what’s what with overnight games recordings 
before lunch, about eight hours worth in effect - & 

Even made the grade with 7’s replay - & checked 
on th’ few other oval ball live-play stoushes within 
space before the 7’s final day live connect, & that 
was from 5:35 pm til 03:00 am - geeze, heavenly
by any expression; and if there’s a better vote for 
where you wanna be on Sunday - this’ll suit me 
© 15 May 2016, I. D. Carswell