08 October 2016

Grandma Got The Key

Frederick & Clementine made our day much more 
than great - they arrived yawning after a long drive 
but classically settled into a unique primal greeting 
routine without too much fuss - a few adjustments 
made to tune their reception-modus just worked in 
comfort zones a pair of over-65er’s could tolerate; 
not bad for a one year-old tyro with his sister’s aid 
shyly smiled from gorgeously brown eyes 

Didn’t take Freddo long to discover th’ biggest and 
best toy in the place was a ride-on lawnmower we 
placed where he couldn’t miss it; the trailer’d been 
cleaned & lined with mats if a ride was decreed th’ 
right idea and after some manoeuvring as t’ who’d  
be an acceptable driver, Grandma got the key … 
© 9 May 2016, I. D. Carswell