10 October 2016


I used to listen to Spencer Howson’s ‘Soapbox’
you know, emphatic phone-calls he’d play on an 
early-morning show inveighing about everything 
that may’ve won a quivering notion of notoriety - 
but it weighs my humour hearing similar tones & 
overstressed phonetics - ham-actors attempting 
to be convincing I guess; although occasionally 
the subjects really did stray away from politics 

The best ever, in my jaundiced opinion, was that 
one, well-rehearsed call, questioning the idea of 
Soapbox on ABC Radio - and citing examples of 
impassioned dialogue we’re expected to sit thru. 
Geeze, says the caller - we still have to listen to 
Spencer inimitably being Spencer to his guests 

Isn’t that enough! And we’d let it rest, except for 
the rash of calls this brilliant bit of soap invited - 
so Spencer rests in lap of luxury suggesting his 
audiences dubbed him King of Comedy, seeing 
humour has two faces, yet possess intelligence 
enough to know the difference in suds 
© 18 May 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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