03 October 2016

Today Is Different

Maybe the blues have been blown away - hard 
to tell this early, but there’s a zephyr of change 
in the air - even 5am early-bird flights sounded 
different, were less grudging wake-up calls tho 
there’s no denying its sign, you’ve another day 
to attend to - and that is the irony; but this time 
we’re aware of planned events, occurrences as 
fixed things blended in a warp we’re wound in 

So in-bed cappuccino commences sequences 
extending into late morning - the Kookaburras 
are fed minced meat - Podge gets his chicken 
chunkers while a bush turkey’s exorcised from 
the gourd patch; mare Grace gnaws her apple 
and batteries charged overnight are isolated 

Three empty fuel cans are loaded onto th’ Ute 
and a mob of books identified for library return - 
the shopping list expands exponentially while 
The Lady departs for a sojourn of minding the 
grandkids - suddenly we’re near exhaustion & 
there’s still so many hours ahead to attend to 

Okay so we change the pace, bend a bit and 
go with the flow - there’s no need flagellating 
to routines which aren’t a race or a regimen - 
tho it explains the lethargy hitherto amending 
plans before we ever reached any execution 
phase - but glad to say - today is different 
© 3 May 2016, I. D. Carswell

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