04 October 2016

Be True To Your Hebetude

Amazingly there isn’t a defence for being beset by 
indolence; while idleness is often disguised, when 
inactivity advises its clothed in a languor of sloth it 
is wise to see more than merely inertia or torpidity; 
heaven’s forbid - at best it is a form of remissness; 
so we digress, perhaps sagely, letting accusations 
of lethargy and languidness explain th’ negligence 
in this seminal instance wasn’t the key trait - 

To see shiftless, lifeless laxity displayed effectively 
in an otiose way makes th’ conundrum more of an 
amusement than ‘in-your-face’ attestations saying 
you’ve been played for the patsy; of course you’ve 
been - and by th’ best theatre comedian whom we 
commend by saying be true to your hebetude
© 2 May 2016, I. D. Carswell

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