05 October 2016

Lantana Days

Though we’ve steered clear of that ungracious 
behaviour, an unstinting do-it-my-way still flays 
those hides tanned by rituals and presumption; 
so yeah, you can claim t’ be aware of baroque 
penchants, but in there is your whole sense of 
an unalloyed perspective; you can’t believe its 
already out-of-date, it was only yesterday, and 
the learning’s stayed impeccably apt since 

Well, playing the old tunes learned in harmony 
with bye-gone-days hasn’t saved it - or written 
much in the way of amendments - the rules’ve 
changed as has technical delivery mechanism, 
there’s only one way that works & mate, it isn’t 
the one you’re currently thinking appropriate

But don’t despair, we’ll make the spray system 
your best friend, be confident! - your intentions 
are laudable and th’ lantana quakes with those 
potent gestures you’ve been seriously making 
© 5 May 2016, I. D. Carswell

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