06 October 2016

Erudite Games

The morning walk today placed me where my 
animal acquaintances rest easy; there I was - 
calling them my friends, okay mates - but in a 
way too caramba t’ be guessed otherwise I’m 
fitted into space - less of my making - by their 
unmistakeable gestures; Podge deserted me, 
ostensibly to follow an interesting scent but in 
reality to take the shortcut back to dog-base 

Then Her Grace, our magnificent grey mare of 
Royal lineage gave me th’ bum’s rush, trotting 
off to where she pretended there’re presences 
more fitting; well, that took the cake, rendered 
me an effigy of occasional manipulation, if - & 
when, she’d time to play such erudite games 
© 6 May 2016, I. D. Carswell

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