07 October 2016

Me ol' Mate

Me ol’ mate raised the stakes today - before 6 am 
he is outside grousing vociferously about ingrates 
who come around scratching in his patch; that it’s 
a brush-turkey matters not a wit, nor the fact its in 
league with feral birdlife who’ve made his job that 
much more complex - so he’s out there copiously 
peeing on any bushes & shrubs it’s scratched at - 
as if to say - do it again and that’s what you’ll get 

While I’d agree he’s showing his proprietary idea 
of who’s in charge there’s no-one to really give it 
the test it needs; around about here those who’d 
progress it a modicum as such, suggest he’ll run 
out well before th’ brush-turkey guesses he’s the 
express target of me ol’ mate’s liquid largesse 
© 11 May 2016, I. D. Carswell