18 October 2016

Georgia’s Sixth Birthday

We’ve summoned remembrances as we await your 
sixth birthday - there’s no denying living precedents 
of third thru fifth, all have engendered an appealing 
embrace of gentle ceremony; it is your day fêted to 
be graced with a memorable occasion, altho’ every 
day of your life’s one such event - lest we forget, & 
we’ll keep in harmony thru’ rendering all shades be 
expressed in true hues of your selective choosing 

This morning will be a glory in dawning, it will draw 
reflection on Nature’s beauteous providence - you 
and your friends will gambol in rituals whose origin 
spans the age-old belief we’ve never left the Eden 
of our eternal youth; & let it be said that even we’ll 
convene to the hearth of its being to be with you 
© 21 May 2016, I. D. Carswell

Georgia Rose Struik turns 6 on 24 May 2016