17 October 2016

Islamic State

It isn’t a State as much a disposition cashed for 
aims to be achieved by any of its most extreme 
ideologies, with claims it bides strictly to dogma 
prefaced by The Prophet & made into the creed 
today as being seen facetiously too degenerate; 
so in whose views of sane moral sanctity do we 
propose debate with these degenerates who’ve 
grossly perpetrated IS crimes against humanity 

If in its truest relief ISIS is a one-way veil - then 
onus repeals itself - the thief of credibility is lack 
of international acknowledgements standing for 
accountability; Swiss bank credits cannot pay a 
tithe approving depraved crimes - & arms sales 
decline to prove who is the true believer; in the

Real World bodies in the field are its currency - 
that is until an Islamic decree the Islamic State 
isn’t a literal religious entity, and actively begin 
vigorous campaigns to completely erase it 
© 24 May 2016, I. D. Carswell