11 October 2016


Hey, when you’re about t’ be inferentially subjected 
to indignities only a redneck comprehends then run 
for the sea; the rest of th’ World understands which 
is th’ safest space, and that place isn’t alongside or 
neck to neck with hillbilly drek; although requesting 
explicatory reasoning by his rubeness means there
will be an erudite piracy - for which he is renowned, 
but won’t go anywhere near actually clearing th’ air 

This jumped-up guise of a ‘joker’s farce’ surely asks 
too much of an irreverential kind of credibility lasting  
a whole Presidential term; but alas we are too naive 
to see the reason why he’s there - thus expressions
of hammy indignity equal embarrassments destined 
to be flushed in the face of everybody 
© 27 May 2016, I. D. Carswell