12 October 2016

Today’s List

I’d actually done today’s list yesterday - a kind 
of compromise - and nothing dramatic anyway 
but you start off feeling caught in the middle of 
whatever had driven you back then - but this’s 
the newby isn’t it - so why do we keep hoeing 
th’ same row; isn’t really a redundant question 
if it’s not yet finished - and the obvious answer 
throws caution to the wind, if you’ve a mind to 

So we begin by examining the list - surely this 
isn’t the best option to pursue; look, we’d tried 
yesterdays audit & it rained anyway, why do it 
again, and th’ games changed an age from its 
beginnings when we didn’t know the plays; by 
this time tomorrow it’ll be that different again 

And what do you know, in next t’ no time we’ll 
have written the list for tomorrow … 
© 19 May 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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