16 October 2016

System Glitch

Oh, you’d love to say its all just happenstance, 
there’s nothing ominous in the conjunctions of 
this event’s randomly coincidental interfacing - 
or might that be too flaccid a reaction; tho you 
scrutinise th’ evidence, maybe suggest you’re 
fazed a wee bit - you’re not yet gonna believe 
assertions it is in your mind - i.e., the incipient 
effects of a surreal form of data-quota piracy 

So, get back to land my friend, internet speed 
determines how many bits of data’s received; 
no-one could use your connection to bleed off 
that much, your reception’s too slow for any a 
worthy thief to be bothered with - arcane as it 
seems, a glitch the system's to be blamed for 

And the system just does’t like you anymore 
© 19 May 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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