15 October 2016

Los Jaguares

Buenos Aires didn’t get the reward it deserved - it 
was evident in Marius van der Westhuizen’s style 
of irreverent rugby refereeing & Sharks rewarded 
disproportionately to their actual contribution; - or 
am I merely piqued by unabridged failures to see 
two teams afield - th’ Jaguares included, who got
wooden-spooned for misunderstanding Afrikaans 
I’d guess - but no problem there for the Sharks 

Tho’ I digress - on at least one occasion, after he 
failed to touch base with an assistant referee, we 
used to call them Linesmen back a ways, there’s 
this clear evidence of a tried scored by th’ Argies 
he decrees is irrelevant; didn’t see need for TMO 
assistance, though its often a can of worms 

On the day he squirmed without pride or dignity - 
played a dud hand to the team deserving the win 
by being intransigent - hey Marius, Los Jaguares 
applaud your inequity, and agree you’ll never get 
another game away if they have a say in who’s a 
sitter for the rubbish bin we’d all want you put in 
© 15 May 2016, I. D. Carswell