14 October 2016

Weeds We Can Agree

So we survived another morning’s comprehensive
inanity - altho’, in retrospect, it was less looniness 
than alternate views of unconsidered possibilities 

Ill-considered also has a space; there’re too many 
egocentric iterations of - been there, done that - to 
create tensionless rationalisation of what we see 

Agreeing what needs doing but not how opens an 
uneasy Pandora’s reasoning process, but lessons 
are progressing towards seeing things the same 

So you drive the beast and I’ll spray the weeds is 
an accomodation we seek, and can agree upon - 
and that is the way we redress today’s impasse 

At the end there is graceful redefinition of whose 
plan made an event come to pass; cohering was 
easily winner while last place went to the weeds

Regardless of initial anxiety we can clasp hands 
gladly knowing what we achieved had been done 
together - & the weeds now know they’re at war 
© 13 May 2016, I. D. Carswell

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