01 November 2016

Scented Dreams

The soothing sense of waking whence the rain’s 
munificence is gently pouring scented dreams is 
heavenly again; from months of arid agony we’d 
earned reprieve, can live without our confidence 
confined in dusty flecks too moistureless to hold 
in mind, the crumbling brown of dying land; we’ll 
breathe in effervescence of relief, sleep liberally
and rise a while to see a gentle growth of green 

This is the width of harmony - without the curse 
of mindless words - tho where we are defined it 
leaves to providence we’ve yet to understand - 
and if it is a grand design there’s measures we 
will never be the masters of - at best we’ll seed 
a future with the birth of ever lesser plans 
© 4 Jun 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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