13 October 2016

The Sixties

Watching a piece of ‘contemporary History on TV 
which happens to include those same places you 
grew up in is almost delusory; yes, th’ coastline’s 
the same as waves in your memory with features 
you surfed brooding on legendary beaches - was 
there anything you missed back then - and who’ll 
remember better when you try recalling whose or 
whether ideas were merely words describing that 
undeniable pleasure of simply being there to see 

It was an age ago - and you grew into another of 
contemporary machinations with the space to try 
something more than whatever was ‘dramatised’ 
a draft escapee - there’s just simple delight in its 
manifestation - & knowing we weren’t’ victims of 
tall tale’s related justification makes it our sanity 
© 19 May 2016, I. D. Carswell

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