25 November 2016

Belabouring The Point

Yep, I know its belabouring the point, but then this 
is neither th’ beginning nor end of it; way back - in 
dark & dismal ages - there was but one way to do 
the thing, and it worked by all sane measures OK, 
or am I still exhibiting the hint of a prejudice you’ll 
pounce upon with glee - you’re technically stone-
age is that view - as if a proliferation of ‘sellers’ is 
merit-worthy progress in meeting different needs 

Well, boo hoo; all I’m saying is I don’t want to join 
a scheme for 24 months - I paid for my phone on 
day one & didn’t join the rat race of a contract - a 
heresy I’m told - and the act of trying to transfer a 
contacts former number over is implicitly ‘bullshit’ 
enacted within an stash of very stale jelly beans 

Hey I protest, I’m the one with the phone, all you 
need do is connect me to the same network I’ve 
been in already, you’re in effect the only change, 
and as biller of usage - but it’ll still take five days 
wont it because I didn’t play by your petty rules - 
so I stay cool because I can use the phone; but, 

Whomever I contact wonders about the number 
© 20 July 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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