24 November 2016


My shoulder pain doesn’t quietly dissipate without 
succinctly expressing its reservations, and having 
said its piece, fades from red to grey; - explaining, 
there’s no ungracious offence a token exercise of 
typing with the left hand exacerbates, I am played 
The Patsy anyway - a don’t even think of it riposte 
blazes forthright & fancily, & residual agonies are 
transferred dramatically to stymie both hands - 

This ransom you’re holding me to I cannot pay, is 
my considered reply. Why? And for what? - I type 
as I’ve always done - tho' you’re suggesting I will 
need to learn dictation to be pain free - crikey, it's 
hardly a tame way to forsaken glory; the ranked 
track to Googled insanity isn’t a pathway for me 
© 16 August 2016, I. D. Carswell