26 November 2016

Clothesline In The Rain

On the first day we ran th’ gauntlet easily, 
never seemed anything but a spree; we’d 
have enjoyed just being together anyway; 
and although it wasn’t metaphorically the 
cat and the cream - she doesn't see it as 
an allegory either - so if buying the damn 
phone made sense it’s only from an idea 
it’d already grown wings & flown th’ coup 

It’s possibly rebooting somewhere; again 
its reality’s-other-side and I too, would be
in it if th’ rain hadn’t made inroads where 
hearing aids squeal warnings something 
lurks in the eaves - and that’s a long and  
damp walk to where we get reception 

So we wakeup with a new mobile phone 
still waiting a call or use for the real thing; 
and as they say, that is a postponement, 
just like delayed rebirth, until once again, 
advent of discovering what we’ve really
pegged on the clothesline in this rain 
© 16 July 2016, I. D. Carswell

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