27 November 2016


So what is the gump about trump, is it a strumpet 
brazenly trumpeting its wares, the ash-blonde hair 
seductively waving or are we in a state of anarchy 
where the bugler blows charge into the breach - a 
hole in our sanity where the beach’s invaded by, & 
dare I say it, media-baron thieves of reality - those 
idiomatic expressions too easily framed slogans a 
rational entity fails to find of a time or place, while 

Screaming beware, this is an ego, there’s no sure 
cure for being bundled into the back pocket of the 
most dramatic vernacular going nowhere; and tho
impressive, it has lasted until an idea he’s just too 
full of repressive s**t that flows down all the same 
routes we’ll have to scrub clean - all over again 
© 3 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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