10 November 2016

Found A Way

Finally found a way to keep the sanity I thought 
had disappeared in view - nothing new here I’m 
pleased to say, it regards a scene thus, as if we 
experienced it from someone else's reference 

and there, suddenly, is a comfort zone clearing 
the air, a take-it-or-leave it option where choice 
is lucidity’s return - & rationality of being whom 
you choose rather than are obliged to beware 

so we play the role out there in the Real World 
and are gratified with restoration of a secure & 
reasonable meaning without being subject to a 
plethora of doubt as to whether you’re sane 

it came as a great relief and completely free of 
the pain of self commiseration which I’m about 
to become used to if it will relieve me of itches 
and glitches in trying on my old life again 
© 23 June 2016, I. D. Carswell