03 November 2016

Plain Sailing

I never heard such mendacious crap as that which 
spilled loquaciously from a dribbling gap stated as 
spokesperson for this party’s election manifesto & 
engineered magnificently around a ‘safe’ seat in a 
Melbourne suburb that would sway results; er, am 
I hearing this correctly - as if it matters, th’ song & 
dance’s riddled with innuendo - perchance aimed 
at the 2% - or some such demographic fantasy of 

Uncommitted voters identified as that crucial gain 
necessary to bring home the bacon; maybe I best 
change channels - back to where electioneering’s 
embedded in statutory bricks tossed once a week 
during an uneasy lead-up to the Poll which is still, 
for heaven’s sake, all of a noisy fortnight away 

But it won’t solve anything; two months of this pre-
election farce’s aimed to justify all this noisey-arse 
reminding voters of how ‘critical’ these freebooting 
politicians are: ok for sure - but I can’t see why we 
actually ever need to be reminded as once they’re 
guaranteed their remuneration - its plain sailing 
© 16 June 2016, I. D. Carswell