23 November 2016


Returning to the place of your origin has a way 
of equivocating on the things you’d say meant 
little - although in retrospect that is metaphoric 
bullshit while you whittle away at memories as 
if to whit they’re th’ guilty party; you’d never be 
remembering them if their pertinence wasn’t in 
-camera - you didn’t need the correspondence 
there again to recreate this time and place 

And it is still the same - although bare of those 
structures which tamed the land filling this tiny 
space benevolently; but you could see it in the 
perspective of its heyday when a little man lay 
enamoured at the breast of his beginnings - & 
was freed in all respects to grow up and leave 
© 19 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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