22 November 2016

Tuesday Shopping

Well, one could remark, “ah, shopping on a Tuesday,” 
all while shamming accusatory innuendo better left to 
aboriginal imagination; and, needless to say for what 
actually transpired, there’s no defensible explanation 
for tending sheep who’d fled their paddock ages ago, 
hinting what’s sought has commonplace answers but 
is hidden from a mass of usual gestures we’ve learnt 
to live by; so, what on Earth made us go to the Mall? 

We needed to see if there was any truth in it & who’s 
truth it was - fortunately the label said it all; there is a 
money-back guarantee & that meant our 125 km trip 
had some justification - if we can get into the groove, 
or whatever it is that keeps things on the same track 
used to slickly articulate all their pretentious flattery 
© 26 July 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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