07 December 2016

Bell’s Peal

I know he’s not getting any younger - and unlike me 
sees more ambivalence in The Walk, unless it’s his
and only his idea; so an eight-fifteen AM suggestion 
we stroll up The Hill has a negative-effect. We don’t 
disagree of course, he just finds activity that’s much 
more contemporary, like investigating strange dogs’ 
pee whom he didn’t see being on his patch - which, 
need I say, is a pretence because he’s long past it 

He agrees, and finds a sunny morning spot to lie & 
luxuriate in, without imminent pressure of a grande 
promenade he let slip on by; there’s an inward grin 
evident, a no worries I’ll be into it soon, I just don’t 
need a walkabout now - at least really not until my 
digestive system tells me the bell’s about to peal 
© 9 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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