06 December 2016

Foggy Old Thursday

It was a liquid mist this morning, and still there 
at 8 am - there’s little incentive to rampage out 
into this grey expanse, it conceals nowhere as 
an event well meant but could be anywhere; & 
hardly any imagination lent figments of hidden 
characters lurking in chilled air, awaiting those 
fey moments to appropriately materialise in an 
outcry of servile circumstance, & terrorise 

So we stay in bed and read; better yet the two 
pictures taken to capture th’ scene are already 
documented, there’s an almost bas-relief view 
to keep the record straight and complimentary 
to why we don’t feel a need to be up & at ‘em 
on this cool and foggy old Thursday 
© 18 August 2016, I. D. Carswell