08 December 2016


I know I’m ill-advised using my right hand for 
typing - I have sustained a tendon tear at the 
shoulder point where upward arm movement 
is an agony, yet immobilising the whole thing 
with ‘three point’ sling seems grossly overkill; 
so verily for me who considers himself skilled 
in a ten-finger typing art - what I have still yet 
to internalise is finger movements are key to

Residual pain that just cannot lessen until the 
muscular connections are totally rested; gosh
it means I’ll need to use dictation, and there’s 
the irony - my brain is keyed to a slower pace 
of creating words letter by letter; enabling the 
mental enunciations suggest combinations to

me which could fit a rhyme & rhythm context 
better, or even a syntax while we’re engaged 
in creation of poetic metre; & so, woe is me - 
I’ve no show of doing that all mentally when I 
am dictating ‘streams’ of words articulately to 
an auto-type program - or even revising ‘em 

On rereading & seeing that’s vapid crap 
© 22 August 2016, I. D. Carswell

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