11 December 2016


Mightn’t be marking the right pages but there’s a 
fair penchant working where an elemental chaos 
used to reign - you could call it commonsense, if 
it was rational, like wearing three layers when an 
iceberg presents that opportunity for reason over 
macho representation - though being a hard dog 
bearing those old traditions hardly leaves much 
room for innovation - so we compromise slightly 

What is it I hear about Winter weather becoming 
cooler, didn’t we move here to get away from an 
obsessive despair about frosty airs and graces - 
or was it being able to go surfing every day if we 
had a mind to; a warm pair of sox compensates, 
but should never replace our choice of jandals 

But reality is in ageing; the virile, swashbuckling 
version of your youth pays dearly for playing on 
adages long since rendered redundant - the old 
way suggests there’s less gained in trying to be 
advocate for the easier compromise, unless it’s 
the same as being both warmed and welcomed 
© 25 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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