12 December 2016

They’re A Team

Let me say it again - Eve and Mike are a team, 
there’s no wiser declaration of where they’re at 
than being aware the pairing goes deeper than 
allegedly appealing genteel impressions - and, 
unless you’re on an ambit orbiting - you’d have 
missed the heedful detail - finesse and delivery 
quietly revealing spontaneous effervescence is 
they’re true blue - and it flows all the way back 

It is commencement of their 10th year, so we’ll 
help them re-enact this decade’s togetherness
with pomp & flair and felicitous ceremony; we’ll 
see an uncapped flask of panache so tastefully 
cached; it won’t be a misplaced gesture withal - 
but frisson of their urbane betrothal in unity 
© 10 September 2016, I. D. Carswell