10 December 2016

Postcard Picture

It is a day for scrabbling thru the odds and ends 
of yesteryear, or more practically, dealing with it 
as stashed accumulations of rarely used things; 
there’s a mob of ‘em stored carefully in places a 
monkey’s agility’s th’ needed capacity, way past 
my knack I admit, & rationally - I watch intrigued, 
but I’m winner with a postcard picture of my lady 
at 21, a rare beauty in black & white to cherish 

While it makes more sense than item repacking 
whence you’ll forget the logic in a week, there’s 
a truth in the beauty this picture displays - I see 
it in the way my love’s ‘past tense’ always plays 
leading role; she’s older now, but the innocence 
remains still graphically contained in her today 
© 27 July 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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