09 December 2016


Well here we go; so this’s the way it’ll be 
in a future I’m about to become: here I’m 
supposed to only type keys left-handed -
it isn't what I see as a one-handed future 
rendering, but this’s what’s left to best, &
be better; not a sinecure-kindly prospect 
you’d dream of, one where dictation-use 
becomes an enabling of creative reason  

So we learn it very slowly, & tho my right 
hand rests fractiously bound in a sling, it 
was rendered redundant by injury - we’d 
hope there’s a way to retrain it - the poor 
agonied beastie, & maybe an articulation 
of physiotherapy will be its right key 
© 23 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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