23 December 2016


While trying to understand I’m encountering bits 
which didn’t initially seem to be part of the plan - 
they’re those cleverly disguised if, but & maybe 
contingencies where all or every is rephrased in 
subtly couched denials of liability; th’ sales pitch 
claimed there’s no exception or qualification - & 
came across loud and clear - but when we look 
for the said Highway of Stairs to Heaven - well 

It just isn’t there - at least not as they described 
it; you remember the phraseology where words 
were worth preserving as icons of our common 
sense & sanity prevailed - huh - reread the text, 
subtlety avails itself again of plausible alternate 
meanings to what was a cast iron guarantee 
© 14 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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