22 December 2016

Never Bested

Wearing a fine merino sweater in bed doesn’t 
stretch credibility does it, altho there’s implied 
airs of raiment elegance clashing only with th’ 
‘bath-robe cum dressing-gown’ you wrap over 
your pyjamas to effect an hour of comfortable 
reading after our 4am cup of latte; well, you’d 
have reminded me of my turn while snuggling 
in duvet-deep but instead, dressed gracefully, 

Braving a morning’s frostiness, & brewed our 
espresso making any awakening meaningful - 
a ritual worth remembering; so thus, as much 
as the dressing-gown plays odds as an over-
powering statement, there’s no way its going 
to bested be by a merino sweaters presence 
© 22 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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