24 December 2016

Emissary Need

If you write every day without the need for emissary 
words - you’re freed to express those inward trends 
too gauche for the literati; as if you’re likely to share 
‘em ordinarily - but there are jewels & gems - some 
so rare polishing them blinds everyone equally - 

It is like learning to hear the subtlety in a tune when 
played by an ear too abstruse to be copy, original & 
out where the icons are first birthed - like measures 
the cognoscenti instantly recognise as unassailable 
and blend incontrovertibly into the soothing scene 

And then there’s the agenda team corresponding in 
their factotum sense of what matters, by expression 
and riposte, following an order digested as the best 
use of words within a tier of sustainable interjection 
where meanings and agreements are their rules 

In my trade the tools are an inner ear unaffected by 
hot air and raucous discontent - the rhythm is leant 
upon originality freed of onomatopoeic contempt or 
metric mutuality & there’s no ‘agenda’ I’m aware of  
excepting the refreshingly fey freedom to be me 
© 25 November 2016, I. D. Carswell