25 December 2016

Festive Bloom

A day within and cooler air - there’s gratitude in 
time and space that lets us rest at ease - & this 
conveys our thanks in quietude like tiny finches 
flicking thru th’ foliage a-feast on Xmas eve. It’s 
here again, you’ve hardly seen th’ year rush by; 
recent heat’s now blessed of rain, grey-clad sky 
allays distress which shrewed as callouses into 
absurdity we needed least for Christmas day 

But now I see resplendent blooms; they’re ones 
that we address as Jesus in the Cradle, or Belle 
of the Night (from cactus pitahaya*), aka dragon 
fruit - a night blooming Cereus - which has other 
names such as Cinderella Plant - or Strawberry 
Pear - and its there - resplendently in full view 

We’ve been reassured whatever else claimed in
that xmas iconic imagery has eccentrically failed 
to dent th’ magnificence of our pitahaya - & we’ll 
bow with due ceremony to its short-lived - altho’ 
appropriately occasioned - festive bloom; which 
taketh our place of pride come Christmas Day 
© 24 December 2016, I. D. Carswell

*Hylocereus undatus 

Merry Christmas to one & all ....

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