26 December 2016


So far today its been a two-coffee intro to awakening 
realities not evident yesterday; & Lorikeets inimitably 
in a crowd-rousing debate expressed concerns as to 
my responsibilities for spreading sunflower seeds at 
places they habituate - and appropriately appending 
squawking akin to profuse ‘colloquial’ abuse - just in 
case my hearing aids weren’t in; so, having already 
had to solve slow water-delivery problems to get the 

washing machine functioning normally, I’m piqued in 
a manner appropriate to the house-husbanding beat 
of rhythms I am supposed to mythically understand - 
even Magpie encroachment on Kookaburra territory, 
the Hills Hoist clothesline - got a foot in the door; ok, 
I agree, there’s a lot more learning and I’ll get into it 

but first please give me a wee bit of peace; that 2nd 
coffee has a characteristic buzz I’m remembering, if 
not revelling in, from back a ways; yeah, olden days 
when the pace wasn’t frenetic, and listening to ABC 
morning news not a trial by ordeal; then there’s that 
other weird explanation of an enlarged ‘supermoon' 

being an upbeat to contend with this week … 

© 16 November 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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