28 December 2016

Leave It Be

There’d be room for improvement were I able to 
see the effort it takes makes seminal sense; but 
that is another way to justify being perched on a 
fence between reason, pragmatic acceptance & 
distant objectives fondly imagined; with all good 
intent - as an ideal case, & we’re almost in total 
agreement but for whose drop of the penny it is; 
though unfortunately this time it can only be me

Thus rhyme hollowly beats on reason about the 
innuendo-filled pie whose circumference has its 
inference stymied by surrender palpable to that 
of ballon-like emptiness; so, you’ll typically float 
on high in a trance of misgivings before coming 
back to deflate the Mickey within - tho’ we can

Agree - it’s my dilemma - so let’s leave it be 
© 2 September 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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