29 December 2016

Survival Implied

Not only did we survive the carpentry section of 
Bunnings Warehouse Morayfield, but did it on a 
Saturday morning before midday; there’s kudos 
implied where anarchic plans lead the way - yet 
to find the right stuff quickly resolves all but that 
question of who’s in charge; - decidedly not me 
I’ll declare and pass in my cards without demur, 
cavil or dissent - but I’m available for a rostered 

Consideration as Carpenter’s assistant, starting 
tomorrow. And wearing a contented smile, shall 
now grab a wee forty winks t’ recover from near 
exhaustion in being there - no pun intended nor 
adventurously implied, although 3:17AM arising 
isn’t a routine that I could hope to survive upon 

And I must explain, that earliness wasn’t a plan, 
design, or from any form of disagreement - its 
routine we’ve slowly grown accustomed to, and 
product of a new broom called independence of 
detachment - we are no-longer casualties of the
what, or whichever, it was we used to be … 
© 12 November 2016, I. D. Carswell